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This is a great game!

It is only Version 1, but thats a good accomplishment for a game thats only Version 1!

When you will be adding Version 1.1 (or 2) Add a debug mode.

Hold on H for the plant finger guns.

Hold on N for the nukes.

Hold on V for vines.

Press F for pellets (NO SPEED UP and spammable.)

Press 2 for fast forward/speed up

Press M to spawn the green mouthball worms.

Press E to shoot 6 patterned star-shaped pellets.

Press R to shoot the non patterned bullet hell star shaped pellets.

Press D for the left flytrap attack.

Press F for the right flytrap attack.

Press A for the flamethrower attack to activate it and deactivate it,

And finally, Press S to save HP (vine, and star-shaped pellets also) And load HP. (vine, and star-shaped pellets also.)

You don't have to do this now, by the way.  You could do it later, or even a month, or even a year waiting. I would be grateful if you added a debug mode.

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Also if you would add Debug Mode, make it so you have to be hit 666 or more times to activate it.

I beat this game on my 4th try. I'm so proud of my self!

Woow ! It's hard ! xD

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why is this taking so long to download THIS IS AMASING!

seriously though, why won't this download?


This is probably the best Fangame for undertale!
So much effort is put into it!

I love this game <3


great job on this! this will forever be the BEST UNDERTALE FAN-GAME EVER


Made A Video On It ;)   

You Should Make More Battles Like This! Also Game Is G R E AT ! :DD




This is defenetly one of the best fangames out there, for me at least. Actually that's exactly what I wished for the original game. The original ps flowey may be insane already, but you just build what he lacked (especially the fact that it's 16:9 now)

Do you think you'll be able to port it for linux? I mean, thank god it's compatible with wine and despite the fact that when you die for the 3rd+ time the resume text isn't visible it still isn't that easy if it's not in the Itch library.

Also can you please add Y as an action key for the German layout.

Thanks for everything!